In the mobile app Instagram introduced support for voice messages. The representatives of the service embed photo and video wrote on the official Twitter page. This innovation allows you to send Audioslave through Direct, made Instagram even more like a social network, which he considered the moment of its creation, and a messenger with advanced functionality.

To send a voice message, you need to go Direct, choose to chat with a specific user, and click the microphone icon, which appeared in the dial string text, record a message. The maximum length of each message cannot be longer than one minute. But, in contrast to the “storis”, they don’t disappear after a specified time, and stay in chat forever or until forcibly remove one of the users involved in the conversation.

Instagram as the new messenger

The desire of developers to reinterpret the Instagram social network, turning it into messenger, can clearly be seen for the past few months. Almost all recent innovations were associated with the function of Direct complement its capabilities with new features. But, in doing so, the creators of Instagram risk creating a clone of Facebook Messenger, which has roughly the same feature set, but has a completely different purpose.

Previously, Instagram introduced support for video calls with the possibility of simultaneous play for up to four users. The developers considered that this function of millet required by the application with a social vocation, and therefore should be implemented. Probably the creators of Instagram have decided that in order to entice users of competing instant messengers, giving the opportunity not only to view photos and videos, but also to communicate with loved ones in a single app.