Huawei beat Apple in sales in the global smartphone market, having during this year a total of more than 200 million vehicles brand, analysts say the Nikkei Asian Review. This is almost 30% more than a Chinese manufacturer managed to sell last year. Such rapid growth in popularity of smartphones Huawei has meant that now instead of Apple, took second place in the overall ranking, second only to Samsung Electronics.

The strengthening of the position Huawei has occurred due to the increase in the company’s share in several regions. This year, Huawei increased its sales in China, Europe and Africa, where its smartphones have sold quite well, which is not true of the United States. There brand is now experiencing considerable difficulties caused by the trade confrontation between the us and Chinese governments, which resulted in a ban on the development of the 5G-infrastructure and delivery of telecommunication equipment.

Huawei new leader in the smartphone market?

Huawei is not the first time bypasses Apple in sales of smartphones. In the first quarter of the current year the share of vehicles of the Chinese manufacturer in the Russian market has reached 17.4 percent, surpassing U.S. rival by more than 3%. Experts explained the high popularity of Huawei’s aggressive promotion strategy and the presence of the range of the brand several successful models that attract consumers ratio of price and functionality.

Despite this, the most popular handset Huawei industry experts call it a dual flagship Huawei P20. Largely the high demand for the device associated with his design and photographic possibilities of the optics from the German company Leica and advanced algorithms of image capture and post-processing. How many copies sold P20, in the report when it is silent.

What do you think, what are the negative consequences for Apple will bring the leadership of Huawei?