Despite the highest standards of service, often the Apple studiously ignores user complaints, not allowing even the hint that their problem is solved. One gets the impression that the way in Cupertino to observe this ancient ritual in silence before the real action. Therefore, users have no choice as to start to look for ways to resolve this or other failure. That’s exactly what happened in the case of the problem of the reception of the Network signal on some models of iPhone that have surfaced after upgrading to iOS 12.1.2.

As found by social media users, they found the solution though not a perfect match, yet still allows for time to regain the ability to go online and also take and make calls.

How to restore the cellular networks

  • Go to “Settings” — “Cellular” and verify that work is cellular data enabled;
  • Disable the “Calls over Wi-Fi”;
  • Go back and go to the tab “data Options” — “Enable LTE”;
  • Activate the option “data Only”, disabling communication over VoLTE.

Some changes require you to reboot the device.

After joining the necessary changes should improve the work cell give you the opportunity to make and receive calls and go online using 3G/LTE.

How to revert to iOS 12.1.1

If the problem has not exhausted itself, the only way out remains a rollback to an earlier version of the OS, which at the moment is iOS 12.1.1. Download a working build of the operating system you can on the website, and then install it on your iPhone. About how to do it, we already talked.

Important: before installing to your device iOS 12.1.1, it is strongly recommended to make sure Apple still signs this version of the operating system and to backup data. Otherwise you risk to “brick”. recalls that all actions on rollback at your sole risk.