Split View, which provides iPad owners the ability to simultaneously run two apps, at iOS 12 has undergone major changes. Due to the introduction of the operating system control gestures some users felt that now the mode has become less convenient, and therefore preferred to opt out of its use. In case you’re one of them, offer you a simple way to completely turn off Split View mode.

To disable the Split View (and Slide Over, allowing you to run one app on top of another, too), you must do the following:

  • Navigate to the app “Settings” — “General”;
  • Look for the section “Multitasking and Dock”, open it and uncheck the option “Allow multiple programs.”

Now drag and drop icons of applications on the screen will trigger the modes Split View, and Slide Over, distracting you from accomplishing certain tasks.

But if suddenly you feel the need to run multiple applications at once, go back to the “Multitasking Dock” to activate the previously disabled the option again.

What support iPad Split View

Split View and Slide Over work only on the iPad, running on the A8 processor and newer:

  • iPad Air 2;
  • iPad mini 4;
  • iPad 5th generation;
  • iPad 6th generation;
  • iPad Pro (2016, 2017, 2018 C.).

Unfortunately all models of iPhone, including iPhone XS Max, are not able to run on the screen at once two applications for simultaneous operation. A pity, because 6.5 inches, it would obviously be enough to fit on the screen two independent from each other window.