Despite the significant growth of prices on iPhone in 2018, the Russian buyers it is not stopped, Apple has managed not only to increase sales volume, but also to significantly increase its revenue in the Russian market of smartphones. It was affected by the arrival of the newest models of the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max XR or is it more to do with old models? Let’s deal.

According to the statistics that was provided to the joint company “Svyaznoy Evroset” iPhone sales grew by 2% compared to last year. In total managed to implement 3.96 million Apple smartphones with a total value of 162 billion. While last year the numbers were not as impressive — has sold 3.87 million iPhone which, in the aggregate, has been spent 138 billion.

Largely because of the high prices, Apple has managed to ensure the biggest market share on financial performance. The number of sold smartphones Apple is not the champion in 2018, the company was in third place, while last year was on the second. The leader of sales in number of sold smartphones in Russia remains Samsung. Followed by Huawei and its Honor sub-brand.

However, recorded sales growth — not the merit of the latest models of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max XR and iPhone. To increase the volume of completed devices failed due to the budget models, analysts say. For example, the iPhone SE over the past year has managed to become a real bestseller, in addition, significantly grown sales of the iPhone 6s/iPhone 7.

Good growth was also shown, and iPad. The number of tablets Apple sold in Russia has increased by 42%, reaching 260,000 devices. For comparison, last year it was sold only 183 000 iPad.