Failures, which industry analysts attribute to Apple, citing as examples the falling demand for the iPhone and almost a thirty percent decrease in capitalization, do not have the company’s defining values. About this Jonathan Ive, Apple design chief, said in 2015, in an interview with Neil Kybartu, answering the question about the challenges the company faced in the 90-ies. According to Quince, in Cupertino has always preferred to pay attention to the quality of their products in the least concerned about the money that they bring.

“There are such things as business and Commerce, and we very clearly divide them, — said Ive. — For us it was absolutely obvious that if we do everything right, then these concepts become interrelated. After all, our job is not to just make money for Apple. Our job is to do only the best products which we possibly can. We believe that if we are competent enough, but [the products] will be good enough to attract a consumer, in the end, it will bring us money”.

A trillion dollars is just numbers

Since then, nothing seems to have changed. Even when Apple’s capitalization reached a trillion dollars, Tim cook sent out the letter to the subordinates urging them not to pay attention to the numbers. According to him, the growing income is not a direct record of the result of the fact that Apple is moving in the right direction, putting at the first place of its users, and regularly mastering the breakthrough technologies that distinguish the company products from competitors ‘ solutions.

Cunning if Tim cook when he wrote this letter? The answer surely is quite difficult, after all, when it Apple has experienced a rapid financial growth, starting to earn huge amount of money. This may give the impression that cook is not interested in anything except money, and their zarabatyvanie is his primary goal. But, perhaps, they Aviom was right when he said that the income is only the result of correct understanding of the market and the reality of the desires of the consumers?