High level of customer focus that distinguishes technical support for Apple is not only in the recommendations to perform a hard restart of the iPhone or Mac in case of detecting any problems in their performance. How do I find the Twitter user with the nickname bry_campbell, employees of the company from Cupertino can not only remotely connect to users ‘ devices, but to demonstrate what button to press to achieve the desired result.

According to bry_campbell, recently he needed help with his daughter’s iPhone. For this, he contacted the AppleCare, which happily volunteered to help him, and that the process was most evident, suggested a cursor to point requiring activation of the menu item settings.

Remote viewing iPhone screen

When bry_campbell expressed verbal agreement to accept help in front of him appeared a dialog box with the ability to allow for interaction with the smartphone AppleCare employee. After simple manipulations with the approval of the remote connection, the screen materialized completely uncharacteristic for iOS green arrow-cursor, which the tech support was taken across the interface and managed the customization process.

Despite the fact that the ability of Apple employees to connect to corporate technology remotely has long been known, it seems, is still perceived as something exotic. Agree that much nicer when competent expert shows you where to press to achieve a specific result than to find the necessary buttons on their own.

How safe is it

Apple cares about privacy of its users, and therefore provides some degree of protection against secret peeping by using remote connectivity tools. Before the screen of your iPhone will be displayed to the AppleCare employee, you will be required to confirm its intention to allow him to interact with the smartphone, after a few stages of verification from the generation of a unique link to connect to confirm one-time password.

After connecting in the status bar of your device will appear warning that the AppleCare specialist sees what is happening on the screen. The word “see” is in bold for a reason. In accordance with the rules of the Apple staff can only observe user actions and to tell them what to do, but can’t interact with the interface themselves. So Apple eliminates the cases of abuse of functionality and remote access among their subordinates, and also helps to ensure that users learned to handle the equipment without assistance.