2018 has become a very controversial period in the history of modern Apple, which is at the helm of Tim cook. On the one hand, the company managed to achieve the capitalization of a trillion dollars, once again showing all its potential, and on the other, literally overnight, losing about a third of its value – and all because of weak sales of the new iPhone.

Despite some obvious successes, not all actions of the company were in her favor. Some of them, on the contrary, gave the impression that if Apple comes in spite of their fans, going against their opinions and wishes.

The price increase

This year, Apple raised prices on almost its entire range. iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac — rose everything. In Cupertino hastened to justify the sharp rise in prices development of the most advanced technology, demanded from the company a significant financial cost. Here only not all consumers appreciated the benefits of these technologies. The majority of the appreciation had no taste, as evidenced by declining sales and an unexpected decision by Apple not to publish data on the number of goods sold.

iOS 12

Current iOS version is promised to be the best mobile OS release from Apple since iOS 6. Anyway, this is what we’ve been hinted from the stage at WWDC’2018 held last summer. The company’s representatives talked a lot about the performance and ease operating system, just return the old device from the world.

I must admit that in this we are not deceived, but somehow no one warned that the update will bury alive the new generation devices. The problem with the Wi-Fi connection, lack of communication, interruptions in the operation of LTE and unnatural behavior during charging — this is only a small list of problems faced by iPhone owners in 2018.

The rejection of the budget devices

Along with the increase in the prices of the vehicles current generation, Apple decided to discontinue the production of low cost devices of yesteryear. Most significant for the market was the rejection iPhone SE and the Mac Mini the previous generation, thanks to which the possibility of entry into the Apple ecosystem was available to almost everyone.


Wireless charging station AirPower was one of the few Apple products that never saw the light of day, despite the announcement. And not being able to get the accessory, in Cupertino decided to delay its release indefinitely, quietly removing all traces of the product from your site. According to rumors, the developers could not get rid of the overheating, which was accompanied by the charging of several devices. But, anyway, to call it otherwise, like disappointment, do not turn the language.


Despite the hefty age of Siri, the voice assistant from Apple is still frustratingly non-functional. The level of possibilities, he loses even his younger competitors. Andit is clear that in Cupertino are trying to make a helper something truly useful and functional, it still does not go beyond a niche product, which in everyday life are not used by most of us.