It seems that the problem of excessive flexibility of the buildings of the new iPad Pro to the bending may be more common than originally anticipated. This confirms Michael gartenberg, former Director of worldwide marketing, who purchased a defective sample brand tablet of the company. He expressed his disappointment with the quality control, which is Apple products, and made it clear that he would not tolerate such disregard for consumers.


According to Gartenberg, he acquired his copy iPad Pro 2018 on Monday. Unboxing the device revealed that the body of the tablet has broken geometry, confirming the widespread nature of the problem. Despite the fact that Apple takes the problem as a small cosmetic flaw, not affecting the functionality of the device, gartenberg sure that in reality the company should not allow anything like that.

Bent iPad Pro — what to do

“Passed your iPad [Pro] back this morning — gartenberg wrote in his Twitter. — Maybe Apple really allow [bending] in the production process, but it is clear that a clear bending of the housing is completely unacceptable. Just as unacceptable as dead pixels on the displays of devices.”

At the time of publication on December 27 critical gartenberg the tweet was deleted without any comment from the author. Some industry reporters believe that the reason for removal could be a legal conflict. It is possible that in Cupertino have considered the statement of Haberberg slander, and therefore threatened the author with legal proceedings if he did not renounce his words.

Previously Vice President of worldwide development of hardware Dan Riccio statedthat the violation of the geometry of some iPad Pro case is a normal result of the manufacturing process. This means, said a top Manager that such tablets are not considered to be faulty and cannot be exchanged in the framework of the warranty.