In 2019, Apple would need to renegotiate the price of the iPhone, say the survey participants, organized by 9To5Mac. It will be the best new innovation flagships that you can imagine. Consumers are willing to sacrifice 5G, implementation support Apple Pencil and even improve performance, if only in Cupertino agreed that the current pricing principles are divorced from reality and do not meet the requirements of the society.

Of the nearly 20 thousand users participated in the survey, mail a third vote for the affordable price as the most coveted innovation flagship iPhone 2019 model year. According to them, the most appropriate would be a 20% price reduction from the current rates. In this case, the machines definitely would have attracted more attention, and Apple would not have to look for more or less plausible reasons of the refusal to publish data on the number of sales of smartphones.

Should Apple reduce the price of iPhone?

The desire of consumers to be heard and to reduce prices for new models of the iPhone, obviously. As reported by analysts, this year the vast majority of users refused to buy the flagship models of the iPhone, preferring them to last year’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus because of more affordable prices. A sharp decline in demand for the iPhone current generation compared to the devices of the previous years noted and retailers, which reported a cool attitude of consumers to new products.

Price vs AR

It is significant that most are of little interest to consumers as a feature of the new iPhone has been support for augmented reality. It voted only 1.5% of the total number of respondents, indicating the true preferences in the user’s environment. “I was under the impression that Apple intentionally focuses on what is not interesting for regular users and too zealous where this is not necessary,” said the user UFOMan, estimating the ratio of votes for a price reduction and further development of AR.