In 2014 came the first Apple smartphone with a protruding camera of iPhone 6. This design has repeatedly been criticized by users. The ledge is not allowed the smartphone smoothly be placed on a table, which he swayed while using. Alas, but the problem only worsened over time – the current model of iPhone was even more conspicuous bulge in the center of the camera. But soon things can change.

Camera the new iPhone and iPad in the near future will be at the same level with the body, and thus, will cease to bulge. This indicates a new document Apple published by the patent and trademark office. At the moment to implement the idea prevents one problem. Due to its construction, the chamber components must be slightly spaced from each other to avoid crosstalk due to the electrical connections. That is why now the iPhone camera is outside the housing.

But Apple figured out how to solve this problem. The company’s engineers are going to use several light modules, and thus directly transmit data on the electrical backplane. Most likely in this technology will lie lasers with a vertical plane (VCSEL). This approach will allow us to position the camera component is much closer to the Board, and thereby avoid interference.

Yet we are not talking about any the finished device or at least the prototype. However, the technology is promising and probably it will be implemented in the real device in the near future. According to experts, the first iPhone without protrusion of the camera can see the light in the 2020-2021 year.