The reluctance of some users to update their iPhone and iPad obviously. Despite the efforts that Apple applies to testing of updates, some of them contain errors which compatible devices. We already talked about how to stop iOS update, even if update download already started, and at the same time mentioned how to prevent the chance of installing updates. However, included seemingly as an afterthought, the Council came to taste readers, and so we have decided to devote a separate article.

There are several ways to establish a ban on further updating the iOS. We offer the fastest and most convenient, in our opinion, method. In the us, oddly enough, will help the beta profile, for which not even need to register in the pre-test.

How to install the beta profile

To permanently prevent a search, download, and subsequent installation of software updates on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you need to install on the device the beta profile tvOS 12.1.2. Yes, no mistake here.

  • Go to this link and download the current beta profile on your device;
  • Confirm the installation and wait until the device reboots;
  • Upon completion of the reboot, the system will no longer offer you the installation of subsequent updates. When you try to search for updates the screen will appear the characteristic inscription, indicating that your device is running the latest SOFTWARE.

How to remove beta profile

If necessary, allow further updates of your device, you can remove the installed beta profile.

  • To do this, go to “Settings” — “General” — “Profile”;
  • Tab tvOS 12 Beta Software Profile, click “Delete account” and confirm by entering the password.