The Australian Parliament passed a law requiring technology companies to arrange local security services access to encrypted user data. About it reports Reuters with reference to representatives of the legislative body of the country. The adoption of this law, MPs believe, will allow us to channel the power of companies like Apple, Google and Facebook, to investigate the crimes instead of concealing them.

According to the authors, prepared the draft law, its adoption is a necessary step to ensure national security and has nothing to do with the desire of law enforcement agencies to obtain a comprehensive power over the citizens and companies. However, state parliamentarians, the situation developed in such a way that the authorities actually can’t control suspected of committing crimes because of the policies of it companies.

Decrypting data

In total, the act provides for three levels of assistance that should provide it company on request of law enforcement:

  • At the first level, companies will require assistance in solving technical questions, but they must do it to the extent necessary to resolve the problems facing law enforcement officers. Under this provision may be implied unlock seized from a suspect’s smartphone, with the subsequent seizure of all data.
  • The second level provides for the issuance of encrypted information stored on the servers of the companies, followed by decoding data about a specific user or group of users suspected of committing crimes on the territory of Australia and beyond. At this point, gets a transcript of the correspondence in iMessage, FaceTime data calls, etc.
  • And finally, the third level involves active actions of companies to create special tools needed for law enforcement to decrypt the encrypted user information. However, as noted in the law, this paragraph does not require the introduction of backdoors and other functions, canceling the encryption.

Position Apple

Apple has strongly opposed such a law is still under review in the fall of this year, citing the inability to ensure data security of its users in the event of its adoption. According to representatives of Apple, considered in the law can serve to abuse of power by law enforcement officials who have no obstacles to start the surveillance is not only for the actual suspects of crimes, but also innocent people.