Apple launched a new section on its website dedicated to transparency in politics. Now there, the company will publish all information about government requests for data about users, the number of approvals and denials by country. The only way, believe in Cupertino, will be able to observe the transparency of corporate policies and actions aimed at maintaining the rule of law and respect for human rights throughout the world.

The current report, published in the new section of Apple’s website shows the statistics of requests from governments around the world in the period from January to June of 2018. During this time the company has received a total of more than 32 thousand requests to provide access to user data, which is almost 10% more than the same period last year. At the same time, the number of requirements for providing access directly to the devices exceeded 163 thousand.

Leaders in the number of government requests

Leader in the number of government requests was Germany, which sent Apple 13 704 addresses the requirement to provide data on 26 160 devices. The cause of the majority of the requests were search of lost and stolen devices reported in Cupertino. In second place is the USA, which made 4570 queries regarding 14 devices 911 and 918 requests for financial data because they relate to fraud.

During the same period of time from Russia was directed at only 702 of the request, of which Apple has granted only 536. Other requests were either rejected, because it violated human rights, or require considerable time for consideration. Whatever it was, it is clear that Russia has not yet mastered this method of investigation of crimes as government requests for it companies, otherwise their number would be significantly higher.