Today, December 20, Apple released an updated iOS version 12.1.2 with the build number 16C104. Given that the original update was released after just one week of beta testing, it was quite expected. Most likely, the update is meant mainly for those who haven’t installed the original build, offering correct mistakes made in the release version of flaws and bugs that have a negative impact on the functionality of compatible devices.

Original Assembly iOS 12.1.2 was intended to make a number of changes to the implementation of some functions of the operating system. They were supposed to help Apple avoid the ban on the sale of the iPhone from Qualcomm, which accused the “Apple” company in violation of at least two patents.

Causes the release of iOS 12.1.2

Needless to say that the release of iOS 12.1.2 did not convince Chinese judges who ruled the ban on selling all iPhone from 6s to X is in mainland China. The guardians of the law spoke strongly against the actions of Apple, which, in their opinion, cannot be considered legitimate, because in no way compensate the violated rights of the injured party.

What has changed in iOS 12.1.2

Functional changes that were contained in iOS 12.1.2, slightly change the animation of the forced closure of the application menu multitasking. As you can see in the video below, miniature app crashes up when you swipe, and just disappears from the screen. To identify the changes that have been made in the built-in image editor, at the time of the publication failed. Innovations available only in China