While the phrase “MacBook from a single piece of aluminum” was considered good form to laugh. The folly is obvious! Senseless and ridiculous, Like a pot or spoon – the horror! In fact, in the new technologies of MacBook s nothing stupid or funny was not. Rather, your “great mind” was shown laughing. Fascination with production theme and admiring the sparkling chips durable aluminum alloy – forgivable, it’s really beautiful. And the theme of the production outside the former Soviet bloc not trivialized and not beaten.

On the contrary. Remember Arthur Hailey.

The idea of “Unibody” appeared during a regular brainstorming. MacBook (already with the code name “M82”, but yet never any Air) with the given parameters… jobs long worked.

It was not easy to achieve technical superiority over all subnotebooks of the time, and not to give them small and place in a tiny confines of a “life support system” the processor and all the rest.

But it was the usual engineering problems, and Intel also worked to be special. Was insurmountable and intractable problem, the real impasse: none of the sketches and layouts did not answer the aesthetic requirements of Apple. And from the point of view of engineers, is responsible for the durability of the case, the proposed design was hopeless.

Well-organized brainstorming can be successful. He didn’t believe it, but here’s the real historical example. Unfortunately, even if his conducting and filming was conducted and its results are unavailable. What was it like?

For the first time it happened: it turned out incredibly beautiful product, but still with many unexpected advantages over the traditional design, almost everything. Even if something like this already came up in somebody’s head, it was a “breakthrough”.

This breakthrough had a lot to do as usual – but efforts to bypass the hundreds (or even thousands) of problems were rewarded.


I think no one doubts the incredible greed of Apple. Why would they sell their products so expensive? It is not known exactly how many percent more expensive cost, but clearly more than others. The “why” question is rhetorical. Why? For personal enrichment!

And here and there. Even in our days (no matter what), the company produces very good computers and gadgets, their development and testing in different conditions is not cheap. In the reign of Tim cook Apple has become one of the most generous employers in the Silicon valley. And on a rainy day should be postponed.

Millions of dollars a year, received cook and his top managers, on the background of the company’s revenues are invisible in the microscope.

MacBook Air was very expensive. Production line for its release was more experimental and awesome than he is and according to the rules of the company all costs for material, production and development must be “recaptured”. With a profit.


Besides, if it was cheap it would lose the flavor of exclusivity.

The paradox: if it cost less it would buy worse. This is speculation, but if you think that you will likely come to the same conclusion.

14 Oct 2008, favorite Steve jobs Moscone West, Tim cook gave a very important for the further fate of the exam: under the supervision of Steve jobs, he talked about the state of the Macintosh platform. Been doing that since 1997, Steve didn’t trust anyone.

In the speech the cook was a small wedge, he was visibly nervous but managed.

Speaking of retail sales of Macs, he revealed some of the figures for which were previously almost not terrible “Apple” mystery.

Apple’s market share in retail sales of personal computers in the United States was equal to 17,6%. The remaining 82,4% is the combined share of all PC manufacturers. On the one hand a little, with another – just five years before the achievement of 5% of the U.S. retail market was the pride of Apple.

But to understand who is who in the industry, Tim bravely revealed another secret, this time almost most-most: Apple gets 31.3% of the total income from the sale of Mac and PC. Every third dollar of the revenues of the industry.

Of course, he said some words in defense, but could not speak.

The Benefits Of Unibody

The MacBook Air was the first computer (the world?) produced by the new technology, invented by designers and engineers of Apple. It was carefully worked out, but as they say experienced military, any plan was observed only before the outbreak of hostilities.

Tested on the test batch processes in real conditions failed, many of the decisions the correctness of which had no doubt, were unsuccessful.

All this increases costs, at the very first MacBook Air, the company earned a not much, if at all earned. But the experience accumulated, line worked better and the problems become more rare – and theoretical assumptions – reality.

The use of technology Unibody results in a saving of material. In the case of the MacBook Air to compare the consumption of the metal was not with anyone, but according to engineers on the organization of their production in conventional technology, it would take 20 percent more material.

Unibody technology can be automated to a much greater depth. Fewer staff means lower costs on medical and other insurance, safety, training… Production can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is possible to achieve the impossible under other conditions of processing accuracy.

All chips (the most, brilliant and breathtakingly beautiful) is back in business, except aluminum and glass (all of which were on my MacBook Air) environmentally friendly.

Permanent quality control of each component (the robots are not afraid to do too much, they have no Friday evening or Monday morning) reduces the marriage. No impossible, but it’s money.

After debugging, having the normal mode, the cost of the MacBook Air could not be cheaper.

So decide – whether it is nonsense?

And admiring the chip aviation aluminum alloy and savoring the details – any master of his craft a little maniac. It’s forgivable. And it is really beautiful.

Video and “what’s next”

Here’s a video with the Apple MacBook Event (Apple Special Event, Apple Special MacBook Event), the duration of the video 00:52:37.

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To be continued