Two-factor authentication is one of the most simple and at the same time effective ways to ensure account security. Thanks to her, you will surely learn that someone is trying to access your account and will be able to prevent unauthorized entry because a one-time password verification comes in the form of system messages to a trusted device. But for some, this method of protection seems excessive, but because they either don’t include it at all, or shut off immediately after activation. Or, indeed, disconnected.

Some users have noticed that recently from your account settings Apple ID lost the ability to disable two-factor authentication. But since few people regularly visits the site, and to say with certainty exactly when it happened is quite difficult.

To much detail to understand the topic, we went to the official Apple website. There, in the sectiondevoted to two-factor authentication, and found interesting paragraph with a description of the working principles of this method of protecting user accounts.

How to disable two-factor authentication

According to the official information if two-factor authentication is already used, it cannot be switched off. Apple notes that this is the necessary level of protection for some features that became mandatory in recent versions of iOS and macOS. But what exactly, is unclear. But, if you hooked up two-factor authentication and you do not like, you can stop using the service within two weeks.

However, this is not recommended, says Apple. Otherwise, some functions of iOS and macOS requires a higher level of security may not be available until you re-activate two-factor authentication.

Personally, I respect Apple care about users, but the prohibition on deactivation of two-factor authentication seems to be too Intrusive. Even if Cupertino really worried about the safety of our data, we should grant users the right to make decisions for themselves about how they want to protect them.