Not so long ago we told you about the problems with the iPad Pro. Slim case updated tablets were subject to bending, and this defect could manifest itself not only in use, but even on a completely new device. Apple representatives said that this cosmetic flaw can not be considered a marriage, because of that unhappy users are addressed directly to the company’s management, hoping to obtain an adequate response.

Initially the appeal was addressed to the Director General of Apple, but the answer came from the senior Vice President for hardware development, Dan Riccio.



Tim forwarded me your message and I am ready to give a full and detailed answer to your question.

As for the problem with the new iPad Pro. I can responsibly say that the case of our tablet is made according to the highest quality standards. We have carefully designed it, and control every part of the production process.

The thickness of the new iPad Pro is only 400 microns. It is much smaller than the previous generation. This is less than half a millimeter — the thickness you get if you fold four sheets of paper. I can assure you that in normal everyday use, the geometry of the housing remains the same throughout the lifetime of the tablet.

Also note that the presence of small bends on the case does not affect the operation of the device.

Thanks again for what you did, and I hope that the above explanation will solve your problems.

Dan Ricci

Apparently, Apple is not going to recognize this problem. And this despite the mass of problems. Apparently, even buying a new device now does not guarantee that it will not be manufacturing defects.