Apple’s reluctance to admit guilt for the defects of the case iPad Pro 2018, despite statements of the management company, applies not to all cases. As found by Macworld, some users still managed to return a bent tablet manufacturer, received replacement brand new and untouched copy. Here only to take advantage of this privilege will not all owners of defective tablets, but only those who managed to acquire an additional warranty for the AppleCare+.


According to Macworld reader named Zack, who managed to replace the bent on a new tablet, the procedure was not free. Replacement cost him $ 49 that Apple have appointed as a Commission payment. However, that Zach did not upset. On the contrary, he said, he was extremely glad that I had escaped so easily, as originally feared that Apple refuses to accept the defective goods, citing the peculiarities of the production process.

“Of course, I would prefer not to pay at all, but service charges [under AppleCare+] is a kind of fine, — said Zack. — Originally, I thought they will deny me a replacement if I don’t pay a large amount but certainly I should not have to pay a dime for the problem, the cause of which was not me.”

For the protection of interests in court

Most likely, Zach is not the only one who are not fortunate enough to acquire a bent iPad Pro, but as Apple announced that it would not consider this a flaw marriage, the number of owners of defective tablets will only grow. Most logical in this case not to pay, and to seek protection of their interests in court. Even in Russia, where it is not accepted to solve the issues in court, it’s the only logical way to protect your rights, entrusting the checking of your device to the experts instead of believing Apple’s word for it.

Many people are experiencing awe of the court and judges, even without thinking about how to seek resolution of the issues raised. And for good reason. Cases on consumer protection are resolved in the judge’s chambers and do not involve elements of competition and the presence of lawyers. All that is required of you is to prepare a statement of claim from the Internet, submit it for review and come at the appointed time for the meeting.