Studio Epic Games, Creator of some iconic games for mobile platforms, made the decision about the removal of a trilogy Infinity Blade from the App Store. This is stated in the corporate blog of developers. According to them, support popular the series was to take the company too much force, making it impossible to ensure its continued existence at a level that would meet the standards of Epic Games and thus would continue to delight audiences of loyal fans.

“In Epic Games we strive to put the players first and to support each published game, said Donald Mustard, creative Director of Epic Games. — With the development of Spyjinx and other projects our team has become increasingly difficult to maintain a series of Infinity Blade at a level that would meet our own high standards. The Infinity Blade series will always be special to Epic Games and for me personally. Always sad to say goodbye to [something expensive], but we admire Spyjinx and what awaits us in the future.”

Despite the fact that the game series Infinity Blade is no longer available for purchase, if you purchased them sometime in the past, you can still download them and plunge into forgotten atmosphere.

How to download a deleted game from App Store

  • To do this, run the App Store and open an account by clicking on the profile icon in the upper right corner;
  • From here go to “Purchases” in the search string set to “Infinity Blade”;
  • If the game has already been purchased by you, you will be able to download it again.

Infinity Blade is the best game in the App Store

The Infinity Blade series is a cult series, which for several years acted as an indicator of the performance of the new iPhone. At the time it was the most efficiently executed and resource-consuming games available for download in the App Store. Thanks to Infinity Blade, the mobile platforms have realized that the era when smartphones and tablets will replace console, providing a comparable level of graphics and gaming capabilities, much closer than it seemed before.