Automator: How to quickly delete folders and files in macOS

23.12.2018 - Apple, Apps for macOS, macOS
Automator: How to quickly delete folders and files in macOS

Even experienced users sometimes do not always know about all the possibilities of Automator. At first it may seem that the program is quite complicated to learn, but understand, you can see that the control is pretty intuitive and clear. In the example of this article we will explain how you can quickly and easily delete files in macOS, avoiding unnecessary link – basket.

If you have experience of using macOS, you probably know that any file or folder is deleted immediately, but first go to the trash. Despite the fact that the OS provided the key combination Command + Option + Delete to remove files directly, this step is necessary each time to confirm additionally that it is not always convenient. Fortunately, this problem is easily solved. For this we need to use a utility Automator.

Now in the context menu we can see the new item.

For convenience, it remains only to assign the key combination:

Everything is ready. Now you can delete files and folders, bypassing the recycle bin.


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