Support for wireless charging, there is little surprise anyone. In 2017 she appeared in the iPhone 8, and since the company does not deprive it neither of its new smartphones. To charge iPhone without cable you need to buy a special stand, and many users probably would be happy if their device is replenished with energy even while in my pocket. It seems that time will come soon — the company Energous has introduced a chip that will be able to provide future iPhone really wireless charging.

The novelty has received name DA2223. It amounts to only 1.7×and 1.4×0.5 mm, it is smaller of the same coin. For the implementation of wireless charging it is necessary to connect auxiliary components, but the developers insist that they are also very compact. Small dimensions make the chipset ideal for use in smartphones.

According to the creators, the sources of energy for batteries of smartphones will be charging stations installed around the perimeter of homes and other buildings. It turns out that users will be able to charge their mobile device at work and on the way home. It is noteworthy that the closer one with a smartphone is to the charging station, the faster replenishes the battery.

In December of 2017 representatives Energous announced that their Wireless technology 2.0 has been certified by the Federal communications Commission FCC. At the same time, the office patent and trademark office revealed a patent application Apple regarding wireless charging. Many of these events seem random — it is expected that a full-fledged wireless charging in the iPhone will be unveiled in 2018. Unfortunately, this did not happen, but the possibility of its occurrence is completely undeniable, because the early documents prove that Apple and Energous have a business arrangement.