Alternative clients Telegram can be dangerous, compromising correspondence of its users, according to the authors channel “Telegram Techie”. Despite strict rules for the use of the API does not allow to disable the encryption of messages, the developers of third-party clients can theoretically have access to them, thus violating the users ‘ right to privacy of correspondence, for the observance of which is so called guide and Telegram Pavel Durov.

Telegram, long ago developed the status just a convenient messenger to the stronghold secure communication, strongly contributes to creation of third party clients, diligently spreading your API. According to representatives of the service, the main advantage of customers from independent developers is a broader set of functions. In particular, they can complement the original messenger of the new opportunities, but physically can’t diminish those that are available by default.

Is it possible to intercept messages in Telegram

However, say the authors of “Telegram Techie”, the developers can only promise not to intercept messages sent through their applications, but with proper knowledge is able to break the promise, not to mention a host of other flaws. Worst of all, in fact they practically are not responsible for the leak, and the most serious sanction that can follow it, termination of the relationship with the Telegram, and deleting compromised apps from the App Store.

As an example, “Telegram Techie” leads the customer Teleplus, which until recently was available in the official app catalog of Apple and enjoyed the comparative popularity because of its ability to separate groups, channels and private chats in tabs. However, Teleplus recently disappeared from the App Store because it violated a policy Telegram. Not only that the client was not distinguished by high stability, and put ads everywhere.