If you suddenly have Mac mini 2011 or 2012 edition or the old MacBook Pro Retina/MacBook Air, do not rush to send them to retire early and to run to buy a new generation computer which is much more expensive. The most affordable computer in the line of Apple is quite easy to upgrade, and with SSD you can give it a second life.

The most common ways to make Mac mini run faster is to install more RAM, or SSD. And if the “RAM” you have already tricked out computer to the maximum, it’s time to look towards the second solution.

Initially, the Mac mini has the regular hard drives size 2.5 inches. They are intended primarily for laptops where it may not be very high performance of such a disk special disadvantage is not. But the Mac mini still, though smaller, but still a desktop system. And, of course, would like it to have more high-speed disk system. The common format allows you to install a Mac mini in almost any SSD, it all depends on the desired scope and budget.

For example, you can set the Mac mini is available SSD from Intel with a capacity of 128 GB will be cheaper than 3,000 rubles. Increased storage can be bought in the area of 8 000 rubles, but in this case get 512 GB free space.

Available solid state drives offers not only Intel, but SANDISK from this manufacturer, you can buy a model with a capacity of 250 GB a little more expensive 4 000. Well, if you decided to bet big and put in your computer SSD 1 TB note model from Samsung. These drives are slightly more expensive, but well proven on the market.

What will be the result of an upgrade? Let us all say the speed tests. Regular hard drive of my Mac mini shows around here are the results:

The average boot time with the standard drive was 1 min 40 sec. After replacing the new drive on the first boot occurred exactly 1 minute. But the second and subsequent loading occurred in 39 seconds. Summary: boot time decreased from 1 min 40 seconds to 39 seconds. Agree that this is a very decent speed boost.

Measurements test Blackmagic Disk Speed Test, as I expected, showed a significant increase in performance:

Most importantly, the SSD can be installed as a second disk (and this possibility is in the Mac mini, along fit both the drive), because their value is not as high. On the SSD you can install the system itself, and user directories to submit to the same hard disk of higher capacity.

As for the old MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air, here the selection of the desired drive may take more time. The interface should be SATA 3, and form factor — M. 2. Thanks to the SSD from Transcend users of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have the opportunity to increase the amount of space for data storage. They are available with up to 960 GB. The company carefully checked their compatibility with Mac supported PCIe. SSD support is really very high speed read and write, making them the best choice to upgrade your Mac. A good 128GB SSD from Transcend you can take 7 000. Model the larger capacity you can find, for example, Samsung: 250 GB will cost 6000 rubles (Junior Transcend even cheaper), but modification of the 512 GB capacity and will be much more expensive. But get more memory.

That’s what quality will delight after SSD installation in laptop:

A lot or a little, you ask? It is sufficient to compare the figures from the last screenshot with a MacBook Pro on a standard SSD. It is also worth noting that the speed of reading and writing often depends on the amount of drive. The capacious, the greater the speed.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and give your old computers a new life because the SSD can be installed not only in the Mac mini, MacBook Pro or iMac, but also on Windows computers. The main thing — to observe the utmost care at every stage. The future, of course, for the SSD. And now, their cost is much lower than a few years ago.