In the October presentation, Apple shows the new iPad Pro, which has received many innovations. According to the statements of General Director of the company, Tim cook, the updated tablet has an impressive power reserve. So big that right now it bypasses performance 92% of all produced laptops. But whether the iPad Pro to handle the role of full-fledged computer? Let’s deal.

In fact, the iPad Pro (2018) has the power to cover tasks for many undemanding users. Browsing the Internet, taking notes, sending emails or watching movies — all of this the iPad Pro will handle it without any problems.

Also the upgraded tablet is ideal for artists. You can create amazing sketches by using Pencil Apple and apps such as Procreate and Affinity Designer. In this sense, the updated tablet is not only equal, but even superior to most computers.

If you are considering the iPad Pro to use as a primary working tool, before buying you should definitely familiarize yourself with all the restrictions that carries the iOS operating system. Just today, about them and speech will go.

Safari for iOS

If you are a Web development, iPad Pro is definitely not your choice. Despite high performance in web tasks, Apple does not support most of the extensions that negates the whole potential of the tablet.


It is impossible to change the default application

The restriction is somehow possible to live on the iPhone. But when it comes to the working tool, it raises certain questions. Mobile operating system iOS, despite its age, still does not allow users to choose default need browser, email client or a video player.

Limitations to the application

Due to the fact that iOS is completely closed operating system, it causes some problems. For example, the application can only run in its own sandbox and cannot interact with other programs (except drag and drop text or images). Moreover, applications do not have access to the file system, causing many things available on desktop platforms, is simply impossible on iOS.

Those applications under Windows and Mac, which have their counterparts for the mobile operating system of Apple is very limited in functionality. Sometimes for such a simple task as downloading a PDF file and editing it, you may need several programs.

A closed file management system

Work with files on the iPad Pro can not be called easy and relaxed. Even the new app “Files” does not help the situation. The only solution is to use cloud storage services like iCloud Drive or Dropbox. Despite the presence of a USB port, you can’t just connect the drive and copy the necessary files or to backup them.

Limited multitasking

At the same time on the screen of the iPad Pro can only display two apps. In some cases, you can add the third, however, it should be understood that not all programs support the Split View, which in turn imposes further restrictions.

The possibilities of USB type-C

To the new iPad Pro, you can easily connect the monitor. But again, its functionality is very scarce, the external display will simply duplicate the tablet screen, not supplementing it. A similar situation is observed with other accessories. To connect a wired printer — it just forget. Connecting an external drive — you can only copy photos and videos, and exclusively on the tablet.