Went out iPhone X – the first smartphone Apple, in the case of which use the frame from surgical stainless steel. This material is well-proven in the Apple Watch, and its appearance in the flagship devices of the company was only a matter of time. But what is stainless steel superior to the other popular material – aluminum? Let’s deal.

The assurances of Apple, thanks to the symbiosis of new glass and surgical steel body iPhone X/XS/XS Max is much better opposed to the drops. As shown by numerous drop tests, it really is. Let us examine the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel more detail.


In everyday use stainless steel shows itself beautifully. This type of metal is highly resistant to corrosion and looks great when polished. But the main plus of this material is its high strength, and as a result, resistance to bending and dents. For this option, steel is much superior to most aluminum alloys. Therefore, in the production of premium products such as expensive watches, are often given preference that is stainless steel.


The vast majority of producers prefer to use in the buildings easier and more accessible material — aluminium. And for good reason — this metal is much easier to served treatment, less prone to scratching and, in General, its production is much cheaper, which of course is having a positive impact on the final cost of the product. Exactly the opposite is stainless steel — the establishment of a similar case will require expensive equipment, and the process precision machining will require a disproportionately larger amount of time and material costs.