To employees of Apple Store and Apple authorized premium Resellers should not target to sell more new MacBook Air, convinced the editor of ZDNet Chris Matyszczyk. Instead of paint to paint the advantages of a new laptop belonging to “air” line, the sellers will strongly recommend a MacBook Pro, focusing on his obvious superiority over the new. But what is it: a decree from the top or the personal position of a seller seeking to recommend a product that to taste himself?

It all started, says Matyszczyk that he came to the nearest Apple Store to buy a new MacBook Air. Sales to the question about where you can get a closer look at the novelty, immediately announced that it prefers to first take consumers to the MacBook Pro, which is all better than the MacBook Air Retina. “You see, buying a MacBook Pro, you will make an excellent choice, get a better computer”, — hastened to explain consultant.

MacBook Pro better than MacBook Air

MacBook Pro is a much more sophisticated device, stated the seller. One of the advantages of the MacBook Pro over the new MacBook Air is its performance. Professional laptop is equipped with a more powerful processor with a high rate clock frequency, which further increases its ability to disperse. And all this — with a difference of only $ 100, summed up the persistent consultant who obviously did not want that the buyer made the wrong choice.

But the journalist was adamant and in the end, the seller was forced to give in and with noticeable disappointment “break through” product.

Professional advice or wish to sell?

Case Matyszczyk would look completely ordinary and unremarkable, if the same has not happened with me. Literally this weekend your humble servant visited one of the shopping networks, having the status of Apple Premium Reseller, to evaluate the new MacBook Air. But the first thing I encountered was all sorts of advice from the consultant to draw attention to MacBook Pro.

It was obvious that the clerk intends at any price to prove to me that I make the wrong choice, skillfully fending off all my arguments about the ease of the “air” news and more battery life than the professional models. I got the strong impression that the consultant is vital to sell me “Proshka” which, according to him, neither one aspect not inferior to the new.

Obviously, to influence the opinion of someone who knows exactly what he needs a new MacBook Air, the consultants will not work. But they can undermine the position of the buyer who is not completely sure what he wanted from his future laptop.