The release of the mobile operating system iOS 13, is slated for September of next year, but it does not prevent insiders to make their predictions as to what will be a new version of the mobile operating system Apple. As it became known from a source who wished to remain anonymous, Apple is preparing something real interesting. According to the insider, the iOS interface 13 for global redesign, and the operating system will be many new features and gestures.

According to the source, the main innovation iOS 13 will be completely new design. The insider says that the operating system for the first time since iOS 7 will get such a significant change in the interface. Apple seriously redesigned desktop, change the logic of interaction with him, and will also make it more functional. Instead of the usual icons, the user will find a special interactive “widgets”.

Furthermore, the systems will debut new gestures for more intuitive interaction with the updated elements. Also iOS 13 will get a lot of new features. However, any specific information about the key features of the OS yet. We only know that some of these features planned to be implemented in iOS 12, however, Apple decided to postpone their debut to concentrate on resolving bugs and improving performance.

Most likely, iOS 13 is shown in the middle of next year, the conference for developers WWDC 2019. Unfortunately, there is no precise information about the supported devices. But there is every reason to believe that support iOS 13 will lose all devices with 1 GB of RAM, namely — iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Mini Retina, iPad Air and iPod Touch sixth generation.