Despite the efforts to improve the Apple brand line of tablet PCs on all fronts, the company made a big mistake by moving the Smart Connector on the rear panel of the iPad Pro, I’m sure Andrew O’hara, columnist edition Ai. This decision, he said, had a negative impact on the overall ergonomics and usability are connected to the magnetic socket third-party accessories that have become trite experience to users.

The main problem that followed the movement of the Smart Connector on the back of the tablet is to change the design of compatible accessories. If earlier, wrote O’hara, an external keyboard is attached to a side face of the tablet, leaving open the back part, now everything was different. The official keyboard for the iPad Pro 2018 closes the back of the tablet, not only increasing its thickness, but the weight, exerting a negative impact on the convenience of transportation.

Why Apple moved the Smart Connector?

Likely, Apple had an objective reason to change the location of the Smart Connector, but no problems could minimize the negative consequences of such design decisions, I’m sure O’hara. For example, by running two-piece version of Smart Keyboard Folio, one of which would include the back cover, and the second would have only a small influx on the rear part, able to cover a posted there is a magnetic connector.

But this decision seems like a half measure. Though, because it does not solve the problem of connecting to the docking stations, will have a different configuration for the 11 – and 12.9-inch versions. And since most interacts with tablet computers in landscape orientation, the magnetic connector besides unwittingly convinces users to the contrary, Ruscha developed over the years of existence of the market “tablets” usage model.