In 2016 Apple has seriously updated the MacBook Pro, adding a new element – Touch Bar. As planned by the company, the touchpad was to simplify the use of the laptop as the access to various functions in the literal sense was “at hand”. If something does not suit, Touch Bar you can always customize yourself. Were there any practical use touchpad MacBook Pro?

The same question set 9to5Mac, Ben Lovejoy. He used a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar for two years and now ready to share their opinion about the usefulness and necessity of the touch panel.

First impression

From the point of view of design Touch Bar really impressed me. Functional but left much to be desired. Why would I want to scroll through the thumbnails of photos on such a tiny display, if it can be done equally well on a gorgeous Retina screen?

I also don’t quite like the idea of rescheduling the toolbar on the Touch Bar. I don’t see the point in it. I need to constantly look at the laptop screen, on the touch panel. And I think, a big trackpad facilitates easy interaction with MacBook Pro much more so than the Touch Bar.

After a week of use

At first I assumed that creating Touch Bar, Apple chose the path of the Apple Watch, the company has created a cool product that essentially has no practical application. Unfortunately, my worst expectations were met. The Touch Bar did not offer anything new — all use was limited to basic things like auto-correction of words, view your Safari tabs or thumbnail photo.

However, my story will not be true to the end, if you do not recognize that some options seemed really comfortable. These include a fingerprint scanner Touch ID, as well as the shortcuts in the specialty.

After 22 months of use

Summarizing, I can say that the Touch Bar is not always simplifies interaction with the laptop. For example, to mute or lower the brightness in the active application, you must do two things. If I want to do something else, I again come two to press on the panel. This is inconvenient, given that the same acts committed in one click on a MacBook Pro with function keys.

In addition, when I use the button cancel input, I very often touch the button for Siri. The result is called voice assistant, and I need again to spend time to close it and continue working.

So, I only had to pay for a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? Definitely not. I would prefer the regular version with function keys, which is not inferior, and sometimes superior to the older model. Yes, Touch Bar looks beautiful and technologically, but for the most part it’s just marketing.