Apple has begun to block user accounts Apple ID around the world. It is reported by 9To5Mac, citing multiple complaints from owners of branded devices manufacturer. Lock happens without explanation, however, is not permanent, allowing you to recover access by answering a security question and input a confirmed phone number. Until some iOS features also suspended.

As a rule, such locking happens in case of wrong password entry. In this case, the safety system is triggered, which detects the introduction of incorrect combinations as the break-in and suspends the account and related functions and services of the operating system until passing re-verification.


How to understand that account Apple ID locked

To understand that your Apple ID was, albeit temporarily, but locked is quite simple. In this case, as a rule, disabling services such as iMessage, FaceTime, and lose the ability to make purchases in iTunes and App Store. In addition, the attached devices screen and then a notification appears with the requirement to update account account Apple ID, which provides for the restoration of access by using trusted tools.

According to people familiar with the situation, for the last time on Apple servers were no failures. This means that the probability of erroneous blocking of accounts due to a bug tends to zero. The only explanation can be the hacking, which the security system of the Apple ID successfully repelled. And since Apple has not given any instructions, therefore, and the reasons for concern.