Attempts to rethink the Apple branded cards in iOS 12, have finally begun to bear fruit. This was confirmed by the researcher in the field of cartography Justin O beirn. Despite the fact that Apple Maps still require careful consideration, he says, it is already clear that Cupertino did a great job. And now the updated portion of the Apple Maps is not only not inferior to Google’s level of detail, but in some areas even surpasses it.

At the moment, the update of Apple Maps affects just over 3% throughout the United States, extending mainly in a small part of California, says O beirn. However, a redesigned Apple maps in terms of accuracy and detail does not compare with what it was before.

Apple not only managed to improve the accuracy of urban routes, which is logical, considering how much effort the company applies for this, but also offer the most detailed buildings and places beyond the roads.

This was illustrated by the example of map display structure that was most fully correspond to their real-world counterparts.


As well as sandy beaches that previously were displayed as a solid green area.

Rate the level of detailing boat docks.

Now area of the racetrack. Previously, it wasn’t even in it, which made the search of the racetrack with the use of Apple maps is absolutely impossible — they just didn’t see him.

A direct comparison with Google Maps, showed that Apple Maps offer a much more accurate image of the area, when it comes to remote areas. Where card the search giant will not display anything except a rock, Apple’s decision demonstrates the differences in elevation and even vegetation density.