Autopilot function has been of interest to Apple as a stand-alone project in isolation from the subject cars. Such a statement Tim cook made in an interview with CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour. According to the CEO of Apple in Cupertino is conducting research in the field of self-driving cars, which will probably have a defining importance for the future of the company, influencing its development.

“We’re really working on autopilot, or rather systems, auto-pilot, says cook. — To be completely accurate, over the auto-pilot system as the software platform. We think that this is a key technology that can be used in many different areas.”

The autopilot is not only about cars

Most people when they hear the expression “autopilot”, imagine the self-driving car that is not quite right, says cook. System auto-pilot have a lot more prospects than the use of only in the automotive industry. In General, said the CEO, is the technology that underlies such areas as machine learning. And Apple expects to be able to develop it well enough to use in your future projects.

Despite the fact that cook, in General, did not say anything specific, from his words you can highlight something important. For example, that Apple sees the autopilot is not as an integral element of a car of the future, and how the mother technology for future developments and, therefore, expect from the company’s electric car in the near future just not worth it. In any case, if this were not so, cook could just avoid answering, as he did before, instead of lying in the face of thousands of users of branded products.