Despite the divergence of views on the value of user data, Tim cook thinks Google is the best search service of the present, which still has no competitors. About this CEO of Apple Inc. said in an interview with Axios, which was released on HBO. According to him, it is the functionality, not billions of dollars in payments, contributed to the fact that Google became available on iOS as the default search engine.

Billions of dollars every year Google pays Apple for the right brand of the search engine out of the box to be present on all devices with Apple logo, does not matter, said cook. For Apple much more important is the functionality that Google provides to its users, opening up significantly more opportunities when working in Networks than competing solutions.

As Apple is holding back Google

But Google is not ideal, says cook, primarily because of its relationship to data users. Unlike Apple, the search giant is quite loyal in matters of collecting and distributing confidential information. To avoid involuntary leakage of user data, Apple had to implement several security mechanisms, from truly confidential incognito mode to “smart” blocker tracking.

In addition, in an interview, cook spoke about the technologies of the future. In his opinion, one of the most breakthrough developments, which will revolutionize the world, will be augmented reality. “I think in a few years we can’t imagine life without augmented reality. This is an incredibly promising platform!”, said the CEO, alluding to the imminent release of the AR headset.

But with the development of future Apple products involved not only the CEO should interview. According to cook, every day he wakes up at 4 a.m. and hour monitors reviews and opinions of users, which subsequently brings to the team of designers and developers. Only then he allows himself to go to the gym to keep fit.