Smart feather Apple Pencil of the second generation, which Apple presented during the event on 30 October, has a few differences from the original accessories, many of which are quite substantial. Anyway, for those who are really going to buy new clothes with the new iPad Pro or have already done this, but have not noticed a dirty trick. We found out what the new Apple Pencil different from the old, and how these differences are fundamental.

Given the different financial situation of consumers, we will not dwell on price of the new accessory, discussing the correctness of its increase compared to the original, but just mention it as a fact — USD 129.


Unlike the original pen in the package of the new Apple Pencil are no longer interchangeable. This means that now, once the default handpiece will be ruined, you have to buy a set of four nozzles for no less than 19 U.S. dollars.


Contrary to popular belief, new Apple Pencil attached to the side face of the new iPad Pro is being charged with hidden magnetic connector similar to Apple Watch, not the wireless charging standard. Thus to recharge the accessory with wireless charging stations with Qi standard, or especially to do it via Lightning cable will be impossible.


According to an internal document, which was available to colleagues from MacRumors, some users may experience issues when the new Apple Pencil upon initial pairing with the tablet. This may manifest itself in immunity of the display to touch the pen. To fix the problem, you need to wait for a connection and download the updated firmware via Bluetooth, which will be installed automatically.