Apple’s decision to translate its products to the USB-C is one of the reason to hate what the company does. This position was expressed by the guitarist of Queen Brian may, writing on his page Intragame an angry post on the problems he encountered when using “Apple” a new generation of technology. Despite the versatility, the new connector is not only less convenient to use, but not as safe as before.

“Now we are all forced to use these damn USB-C connectors in General, for all she may. This means that we need to carry these disgusting adapters, we need to throw out your old charging cables and spend a bunch of money on a new one, but it’s nowhere near as convenient and safe as MagSafe”.

Why Apple refused MagSafe

Refusing to equip the MacBook magnetic MagSafe connector, Apple has increased the degree of deterioration of the connector, and connect the cables to it, says may. Should dramatically turn the laptop to the side, as the output is dented USB-C connector, which is totally useless for further use. According to the musician, Apple knew in advance that it will be so, but still decided to replace the standard USB connector.

In Cupertino do not longed for convenience, which in theory should bring the use of a universal connector, I’m sure may. The company only wanted to earn more profit by selling to your fans more and more accessories, because they have nothing in common in terms of the reliability that sold under the Apple brand before. “In General I can say that Apple became a selfish monster who enslaved us, not allowing to find a way out,” concluded the musician.