30 October, Apple introduced to the public their new computers – MacBook Air and Mac Mini. If you believe the first reviews, news is pretty interesting and balanced, despite the relatively high official price in Russia. Refurbished computers Apple acquired a large number of innovations, and one of their newer features is the ability to output sound on two channels simultaneously.

As it was before?

On older Mac computers, the default was always only one channel sound output. The user had to choose between playing music with headphones or built-in speaker of the device. To use the standard tools at the same time both sources was impossible.

What has changed now?

The new computers Apple has received a two channel output. Headphone Jack and internal speakers is now separate devices, completely independent from each other.

This means that for each channel you can adjust the sound from certain applications. The easiest way is to assign different channels to system warnings. For more fine-tuning will have to use special software like Audio Hijack or Loopback.

It should be noted that automatic switching with built-in speakers works exactly the same as on the old models of Mac — when connecting the headphones. Moreover, if the connector is not activated, the second output channel does not appear.

According to the latest information, this new rule applies to all computers equipped with a processor Apple security T2. This means that all of the above is equally true for both the MacBook Pro (2018) and iMac Pro.