The constant decrease in the thickness of the iPad Pro together with a considerable area has a negative impact on the overall strength of his body. This convinced leading YouTube channel jerryrigeverything once tested the company’s new tablet on the subject of damage tolerance. As shown in the experiment of the blogger, with the previous generation of the range professional “tablets” only lost in strength, thereby increasing the probability of unintentional bending.

Despite the apparent thinning of the protective glass of the iPad Pro, it has not become less strong than previous-generation models. Glass is still firmly prevents scratches when exposed to materials with a hardness up to the sixth degree on the Mohs scale. And the body of the tablet current generation was more vulnerable compared with the previous because of the appearance of the side of the magnetic connector for attaching and charging the Apple Pencil. His cap turned out to be made of pliable plastic.

How difficult is it to bend the iPad Pro 2018

But worst of all Affairs are with shibamoto the whole structure. On video it is visible as a blogger with minimal effort Flex the hull in half like he was made of thin plywood, not metal. Interestingly, the side frame on which were located the microphone in the crook literally cracked up, once again alluding to the inability of the new iPad Pro to withstand any significant strength tests.

New Apple Pencil, despite the higher compared to the previous generation model price, also did not become stronger. The stylus is not received rib (although it could), and therefore broke in half with minimal impact, exposing your insides. Subsequent manipulation with the remnants of the accessory showed that its plastic shell is extremely fragile, when they are probably less fragile than eggshells.