The new iPad Pro is so thin that it will bend not only in the hands of bloggers, collecting a huge number of views on YouTube, but in the process of transporting to the end user. This is evidenced by user complaints of the MacRumors forum who posted in support of his words the photographs of bent housings iPad Pro. According to some of them, the problem probably occurred at the stage of production or logistics because of trivial breaches of security.

Judging by the pictures below, the body of the new iPad Pro really is slightly curved which does not allow him to touch the surface of the table the entire right face. Of course, it is possible to assume, that it interferes with the opposite side camera, but the bending is confirmed in another way. On one side of the tablet fit line, which, apparently, also failed to come into contact with the surface so as to leave no gap.

Bend casing iPad

This problem, fortunately, does not have the same scale as bendat, which at one time faced the owners of the iPhone 6. Then the excessive capacity of the body of the smartphone to the bending complained hundreds, if not thousands of users on their own experience to make sure pliability of aluminum.

The new iPad Pro was presented at the presentation on October 30 in new York. Apple have equipped the brand tablets the most powerful mobile processors in the history, made for 7-nm process, 4/6 GB of RAM and up to 1TB of internal memory. In addition, new items have got reinterpreted the design with no seeking at the framework and interface support Face ID, which replaced the fingerprint scanner embedded in the Home key. The changes could affect the cost of the devices, which went on sale at a price of 799 U.S. dollars.