Not so long ago started the official sales of the iPad Pro (2018). The first buyers have already managed to try out the new product in various usage scenarios. And as it turned out, the new Apple tablet has an interesting feature – inside the case iPad Pro placed a larger number of powerful magnets. Thanks to them, the device can be secured firmly to any horizontal or vertical metal surface.

The first discovery was found by a user of the website Reddit. According to him, the magnets firmly hold the tablet — consequently, no risk of falling no. As proof, he attached the iPad Pro 11 to a metal office Cabinet.

In order to verify the veracity of these statements, a well-known blogger Marcus Brownlee decided to find out exactly how many magnets involved in the new iPad Pro, and how exactly they are located. For this purpose he used a special microencapsulated film.

As you can see from the video, magnets of different sizes located on the sides of the devices. According to various estimates, their total number is about 90-100 pieces. A large part of the magnets used for mounting accessories — Smart case Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil of the second generation.

Should take into account that with the new iPad Pro is better not to leave things that can affect the magnetic field. For example, located next to a Bank card can razmahnutsya and near mechanical watch — wrong show time.

In the current time line of updated iPad tablets Pro consists of two models: 11 and 12.9 inches. In the official online Apple store younger model with support for Wi‑Fi will cost about 65 990 rubles, and the Version with cellular module is already estimated at 77 990 rubles. As for the iPad Pro by 12.9 inches, its price starts from 81 990 rubles. and reaches 153 990 rubles for a model with the most capacious drive.