Bold new concepts appear almost every day, but most of them does not pose almost any interest. Recreated by designers of products often do not correspond to the ideology and language of Apple’s design. Fortunately, this rule did not apply at all. One of the industrial designers decided to show how it could look like implementation of the classic versions of the iPod these days. We offer you to familiarize yourself with this project.

The author of the concept was made by Joyce Kang, designer of the company CO Design Lab. According to him, he came up with the idea to combine the appearance of the Apple Watch Series 4 and classic iPod. For this he developed a special case, reminiscent of the brand Apple and where are inserted the smart watch of the company. According to the designer, this is a universal solution — the Apple Watch will be able to perform the role of wearable devices and conventional player.


Kang suggests that inserting in the case of the Apple Watch, they will automatically switch the interface, making it similar to that in the original iPod.

In case there is the famous wheel iPod Click Wheel that eliminates the need to use touchscreen. Of course, in the case there are cutouts for the scroll wheel the Apple Watch, as well as under the side button hours. The body is made of ceramics, respectively, to charge like the iPod can be wirelessly.

In any case, it is only a concept, and of course, nothing like Apple should not wait. Especially given the fact that the line portable players iPod Classic was completely phased out for a long time. But the idea seems pretty original and unusual.