In the twelfth version of the mobile operating system Apple debuted the updated Photos app. The developers have added intelligent hints and a tab “For You”, improved process and mechanisms of machine learning, and improved two-way encryption. This, of course, useful innovations. But according to Michael Stiber, 9to5Mac, Apple still have to go.

According to the journalist, captured the moment needs to be something more than just photography. For the should stand the history of its creation.

Looking through old photos, have you ever wondered: “Where am I in this picture?”, “What we did that night?”. Our memory is arranged in such a way that we can’t always remember the details. In such cases, help must come technology. Using the intelligent application hints “Photos”, we could compensate for problems in memory. Here is an example of how this could look.

Tab “on this day”.

The main objective of this tab is to show all the key information, which could be associated with a particular image. For example, now app “Photo” allows you to view the date and time of creation of the captured moment, and the location — and this is clearly not enough.

This concept allows you to learn about photography much more. Opening a photo and making a swipe up, you will receive a complete summary of what happened on the day of the photo. Literally everything from the air temperature and the weather to, what movies you watched, the music you listened to and the places visited.

To form a complete picture of memories will be presented a summary of news, as well as important events that happened that day.

According to the author of the project, to bind the specific location for the videos — not a good idea. In this case, you should show the full route which was passed during the video.