The function of “Screen time”, designed to help users cope with their dependence on the iPhone can hardly be used as an effective parental control tool. This convinced the researcher in the field of computer security David Suez. According to him, unexpectedly he discovered how easily his son bypasses restrictions and continues to use the locked functions of the phone.

“It was last night when my son watched the video [on the iPhone] before you go to bed, — writes Suez on his page on Twitter. But after an hour he fell asleep, and continued to do the same. As it turned out, he found that can force Safari to close and thus to release the lock, because when you re-open the old access restriction is no longer valid”.

Parental control in iOS

The flaw, described by Choicem not play a big role if the user is trying to restrict itself in the use of smartphone because it will not look for loopholes to bypass the lock. But another thing — the children. If parents want to protect them from long away with their iPhone, because of imperfections “Screen time” educational process would fall apart, risking to distract children from more useful activities.

How to bypass limit “Screen time”

This is not the first gap in the “Screen time”, which managed to find the smart kids. As told some parents that their child avoided the blocking of YouTube by sending a video in iMessage, and also reset the counter to access the games, removing them and reinstalling again. Interestingly, Apple has not given any detailed review on this subject, preferring just to ignore children’s intelligence.