It is believed that Apple watch is an excellent device to maintain a healthy body condition. Besides the fact that they provide information about achievements in sports, like the distance traveled, they are able to diagnose the disease. So, the fourth generation of watches can do a cardiogram and record atrial fibrillation. Judging by the latest patent, the next generation of watches will be able to slow aging and even prevent skin cancer.

According to Apple engineers, from hours it would be even more useful if they had determined where the user is located — indoors or outdoors. If it is outdoors, the watch could be the perfect tool to assess the impact of UV rays on the human body. The fact that excessive exposure to the sun can cause rapid aging and even fatal diseases.

For recognition of the place of stay of the person, the patent proposes to use an infrared sensor and geolocation data. For the calculation of time of sun exposure and intensity of ultraviolet rays will use the special UV sensors. The collected data will be summarized, and based on the result the user will be shown tips on protection from the harmful effects.

The use of geolocation data is another advantage. The watch will be able to receive information about the increased radiation at certain times of the day. Based on them, the watch will be able to warn about the dangerous periods of the day that users deliberately don’t spend too much time under the sun.

Apple has a lot of ideas about improvements to the Apple Watch. For example, in October, she filed a patent application on electronic straps. It describes a technology that reveals information about the steps taken and other achievements directly on the surface of the straps, with the help of led lights.