The updated range iPad Pro interesting not only for its design, performance and functions, but also by the fact that the company first decided to abandon their proprietary Lightning connector in favor of USB C. the Transition to a universal standard was only a matter of time – because initially, the tablet was positioned as a portable solution for working on a variety of tasks. So, what can be connected to the new iPad Pro?

By itself, the USB type-C carries a large number of modifications. For example, the latest MacBook Pro models are equipped with USB ports a-C with support for Thunderbolt 3 which provide a very high throughput, and thus to the computer, you can connect a large number of peripherals, and even multiple monitors.

Unfortunately, the new version of the iPad Pro has not received the support of Thunderbolt 3. According to the above specifications, the connector complies with the USB-C 3.1 Gen 2. This means that data can be transferred at speeds up to 10 gigabits per second, and that is enough to connect a 5K monitor with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. But there are nuances.

Connecting external displays

iPad Pro (2018) can be directly connected to monitors with DisplayPort and USB. importantly, the tablet is fully compatible with monitors supporting extended dynamic range HDR10.

After connecting the device, the image from the tablet will be broadcasted on the monitor. In some applications there is a special mode of operation. For example, during a presentation using Keynote, you can display subtitles on the tablet. The only drawback is the supplied cable USB-C is not suitable for connection to external displays because of the low bandwidth and as a result, users will have to buy a separate wire.

Charging other devices

A new generation iPad Pro allows you to charge other devices. You can even recharge iPhone with a proper cable. The power output port is 7.5 watts.

Import photos and videos from external media

To the iPad you can connect an external drive, however, to view the contents of the disk will be impossible due to limitations of the operating system. At the moment, the following scenario is possible — import photos and videos using the app “Photo”. However, there is full support for cameras and memory cards — captured images and videos can be viewed on a larger screen.

The connection of the keyboard and Internet

By default, the iOS supports a large number of manufacturers of USB accessories. Therefore, the connected external wired keyboard will work in 99% of cases. The same rule applies to wired Internet, but this requires a special adapter.

Connecting audio devices: speakers, microphones, MIDI equipment

For working audio devices do not require special conditions — in the vast majority of cases they will earn without any problems.

Connection adapters

Due to the high bandwidth of USB type-C, it became possible to use adapters and extension cords by connecting several devices at a time. Of course, supported their simultaneous operation.