Steve Jobs would be proud of what heights Apple with Tim Cook. About Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer, said in an interview with CNBC. According to Woz, he was very pleased with the products from the company portfolio, as well as attention, Apple pay to their customers. Because of the technology, he says, is not the most important thing. Much more important for companies to be focused on trusting her users.

“I believe he [Jobs] would be very pleased with what the company has become today, and care that it provides to users, putting them above their own technology, says Wozniak. — Steve [Jobs] has always done. For him users are always more important than technology. You should not become their victims regardless of what they [technology] are able. You have to live your life to the maximum.”

Users are more important than technology

Obviously, talking about the superiority of the user over technology, Who had in mind the problem of dependency on smartphones and social networks, which affects many people. But Apple is one of the few — tried to do everything to help their clients overcome this disease. To do this, the company implemented the function of “Screen time”, which not only keeps records of the sessions of use, but also considers the number of UPS devices and allows you to set access restrictions, which in theory should be useful as a parental control tool.

Apple — innovation

Also in the interview Who brought up the topic of innovation. In his opinion, what Apple offers today in the market, can rightfully be called a real breakthrough. Unfortunately, he said, most competing manufacturers unable to do so. Many of the features in modern Android smartphones, says the inventor, is worthy of the title funny, but not innovative. The function of the shutter when the camera detects a face with a smile. “It’s fun, but not more,” he said.

Real innovation look different, sure Who. For example, as Apple Pay. After Apple offered an innovative method verified payments via the iPhone, consumers realized what it must be smartphone. The same is true of face recognition technology, which requires even less action than Touch ID, bringing the convenience of using smartphones and tablets to a whole new level.