The new processor Apple A12X, which debuted in the iPad Pro (2018), is the fastest and most energy-efficient mobile chip in the world at the moment – which is justified by the benchmark results. How this was achieved? To solve the mystery decided, senior Vice President of marketing, Phil Schiller, Apple’s giving an interview with Ars Technica. According to him, Apple A12X in its architecture, is unparalleled in the world of mobile, but also desktop processors.

In an interview, also participated expert on single-chip systems, Anand, Shimpi, the Creator of the resource AnandTech.

The main advantage of Apple A12X — in his ability to use all eight cores in processor-intensive tasks. This is the first iPad with the same number of cores, and the tremendous difference in performance is pretty hard to miss.

The performance of such A12X can be seen only on big desktop computers with fans, and certainly don’t expect to see in a mobile device with a thickness of 5.9 mm. But this became possible thanks to a special approach to the design of the processor architecture.

The graphics subsystem of the new processor also deserves special attention. Apple equips the first accelerator of its own production from 7 cores. It came to fruition — a new graphics processor was faster than its predecessor by more than two times.

It’s really impressive. By pure GPU performance A12X comparable to the graphics subsystem Xbox One S.

On the question of why Apple decided to focus on making its own processors, Phil Schiller gave the following response:

We always ponder what we can improve. If we had the ability to create a chip with the technology of machine learning, we have to make it the best in its class. The same goes for the graphics subsystem. This allows you to speed up the process of development and design.

Apple’s success in designing powerful and fast processors have become possible only because of the team constantly interacting with each other. If you work in a team, which takes part in the design of stunning chips Apple A-series, you’ll want to improve them once given the opportunity. It is your passion. And that’s what watching in the whole Apple. Team, passionate about the process and are willing to make the product better and better. And it does not matter that someone else [the competitor].