Few know that sir Jonathan Ive, chief Director of Apple’s industrial design deals not only with the design of electronic devices, but sometimes is taken for design of car interiors and even jewelry. Typically, the Analyst takes such projects as charity, doing them for free. It was in this time when the designer started the development of rings, completely made not of gold or of silver, and of solid diamond.

Diamond ring, whose exterior was designed by YWAM and designer Marc Newsham, is the only one of its kind and is intended to be auctioned as part of a campaign to raise funds for the movement of Product(RED), organized by the soloist of group U2 Bono. All proceeds from its sale will be donated to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. One of his main sponsors is considered to be Apple donating a portion of the funds received from the sale of products of blood-red color.


Jewelry from Joni Quince

According to the designers, their goal was to deviate from traditional canons of jewelry that involve a combination of jewels in a single jewel. They decided not to add materials, and to cut them, trying to get the most durable and consistent product. Thus as the external decoration of the ring was not chosen diamonds, and thousands of faces with a size of several hundred micrometers.

The initial price of the ring, which will start sales at Sotheby’s, will amount to 150-250 thousand dollars. Of course, during the auction, scheduled for December 5 in Miami, this amount can grow in tens times. With the development of Quince, specially created for Product(RED), this has happened repeatedly. Why are only gold-plated EarPods, to go under the hammer for an unbelievable 461 thousand dollars.