The new iPhone model inferior to the old in the ability to maintain Wi-Fi connection, depending on the degree of distance from the router, provides connection. This conclusion was made by users of the website Reddit, checking how the download speed dropping and approaching the smartphone to a Wi-Fi router. The problem persisted regardless of model, be it iPhone, XR, XS or XS Max and version of the operating system on which they work.

First to the problem of dependence of the rate of removal drew the attention of the user with the nickname Aj_blade. He compared the connection speed of the iPhone XR and iPhone 6 Plus, in which the novelty is lost to the flagship of 2014 nearly tripled. But to call this an example of a show was impossible. In the end, Apple could save on range iPhone XR to make it cost more, but as it turned out, these accusations were absolutely groundless.

7 iPhone faster than the iPhone XS Max?

To similar conclusions came the user geomanchina, which compared Max with the iPhone XS iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 7. According to him, all three devices are running the latest version of iOS, and before the beginning of the experiment from their minds was unloaded all programs, to eliminate the possibility of subsidence rate due to the activity of one of them. The result, I must say, was even more unexpected.

XS Max iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus iPhone and iPhone XS Max 7

According to users who conducted their own experiments, the speed begins to decrease as the distance from the router to 8 meters and more. The situation is exacerbated in the presence of obstacles in the form of walls that also have a negative impact on the quality of the connection. But this is true only for iOS 12.1 and earlier versions. The devices operating on the basis of the beta iOS build number 12.1.1, according to participants of the early access program, such issues are not susceptible to.