Not so long ago was the flagship line of Apple smartphones. Lineup of 2018 includes three models of the iPhone, and each of them deserves separate attention. But at all desire, these devices are hardly ideal. Like any devices, the new products have their flaws and shortcomings. Brewing from here a reasonable question – what exactly should be corrected in the new generation iPhone? The journalists MacWorld had studied the topic and built the list most anticipated iPhone 2019.

Among the common and obvious suggestions, like improved processor and camera, there are some interesting suggestions. For example, to change the size of a smartphone and make the next iPhone slightly thicker.

Just make a new generation of iPhone thicker than 1 millimeter. It will not damage the external appearance of devices, but it will solve a few problems.

According to the journalists, increase in the thickness of the iPhone (2019) will:

To get rid of the protruding camera

Obviously, now the camera module spoil the whole aesthetics of the device and the integrity of the design. Must be something to do with this item.

To put more capacious battery

Have you ever heard complaints that the iPhone is not fine enough? Exactly. All because most people complain it is on low autonomy. The increase in the thickness of the shell, and as a result, the battery would solve the problem.

Replace the Lightning port to USB Type-C.

It’s time to unify all the connectors. Just make everyone’s life easier, replacing the Lightning port to USB-C on iPhone and iPad. One cable for all Apple devices — isn’t that a step forward?